Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thulians and War Automata

A herd of Thulians with War Automata in the caverns beneath the surface of Cooper's World.

Greenies Big Gun

Greenie Walker

A Uranian leader utilizing a walker on the Martian surface.

Green Invasion Force

A contingent of Greens preparing to move against the Rocket Rangers' base on Never-Summer.  Figures are sculpted by Mike Broadbent Designs.  These glow in the dark.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Greys

The Greys are a mysterious race of unknown origin, coming from somewhere outside the Star 69 solar system. While their nature is not always hostile, their behavior is puzzling and often they are seen as merry pranksters, leaving humans smelling of cheap gin, stark naked with the business end of a fork sticking out of their posteriors after having abducted them for a few hours. Shown is the Emperor Gary and a couple of his companions along with their unique "probes."

All About Eve

Eve Strange had lived in the shadow of her well-known cousin the space hero for years and she was tired of it. In the early 1950s his name had become synonymous with space adventure. He'd been linked to the JLA and his exploits were spoken of from Abu Dhabi to Zanzibar. Eve, meanwhile, wasn't known at all. However, her red and white space suit, which she had donned two years before her cousin adopted his, was familiar to many folks. When people heard her name she was forced inevitably to deny she was married to the famous hero. "No, you're thinking of Alanna," she would say. Eve had played with her cousin as a child. They had pretended to be members of the Rocket Rangers, rounding up evil aliens and solving galactic crimes. He had gone on to do just that while Eve instead abandoned her galactic dreams for a time, going to Brown to study law. Years later she returned to her earlier dreams and along with the aliens Zmed and Znnrk! and others she formed the T-Birds.

The Adventures of the Rocket Rangers

Retro Rocket

A retro rocket made from a Fun Dip candy container. Two 28mm figures, one seated, and a control console fit inside.

Retro Rocket

A 2005 Buck Rogers Floor Flyer from Gearbox Toys with a 28mm Mega Miniatures figure in the pilot's seat and a Eureka figure operating the tailgun.

Retro Rocket

A Buck Rogers Floor Flyer from Gearbox Toys with a 28 mm Blue Moon figures in the pilot's seat.


Hyrda Miniatures' Aquaclops.

Ape Astronauts

Ape astronauts, figures are 28mm from Eureka.

Captain Future

Captain Future pulp magazine reprint.

The Rocket Rangers

The Rocket Rangers, led by Richard "Big Dick" Hertz (holding helmet). These are 30mm figures from Hydra's Retro Raygun Glacteers line.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us